Spine Exercises: Yoga for the Spine

December 18, 2020

To remain flexible in life and to experience energy and wellbeing, the health of your spine matters. And using yoga for the spine is a great place to start!

When you feel stagnant, tired, stuck or overwhelmed, you will feel it in your spine.

You can experience stiffness, tension, soreness or pain. And when you feel this in your body, your body is trying to get your attention! It’s time to listen! 

If you suffer from any form of back pain, tightness, neck pain etc, then using yoga for the spine is a great place to start!

I don’t know where I would be without my dose of yoga to keep my spine flexible and moving!

When I skip my yoga, my back feels tight and rigid! Especially my upper back, neck and shoulders!

And a flexible spine allows the energy to flow freely from the base of your spine into your head.

Increasing your energy, bringing mental clarity and a creating a general sense of wellbeing.


yoga for the spine 2

What I love specifically about Kundalini Yoga, is the attention that is given to the spine. To keep you healthy and flexible.

This Kundalini Yoga Kriya is called the Basic Spinal Energy Series. It works the spine from bottom to top! Not missing a beat!

It’s a great beginners yoga set and can be practiced anywhere from 15 minutes up to 30 minutes or so, depending on how long you spend in each movement.

You can practice each movement from 1-3 minutes, making it work for you.

As you practice this kriya, really focus on the different parts of your spine. Bringing your awareness deeply into yourself.

This kriya is also great to create mental clarity, focus and flexibility. It also helps to balance the chakras! Love it!

It’s a great easy yoga for the spine series, yet very effective. To get started watch the video below!



Now it’s over to you…

How do you feel after this yoga for the spine series? 

So simple yet powerful! And make sure that you keep up with bringing more yoga into your life! 

Your body will thank you for it!

To get started, grab your copy of my FREE Yoga Roadmap! A great tool to help you get started with the power of yoga!

And if you are ready to dive deeper into learning yoga & meditation, to change your life..

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Melissa xxx

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