Yoga for Sciatica Pain

August 06, 2021

If you struggle with sciatica pain or lower back pain, then you will love this Yoga for Sciatica Pain video!

In this video I take you through some of the best stretches for sciatica pain, to help increase flexibility, movement and ease pain!

These sciatica pain stretches are great if you’re in pain with sciatica or you’re looking to improve your lower back health to prevent sciatica!

A great class for beginners as its really gentle and uses some of my favourite stretches for sciatica!

These are the stretches I often use to help me when I have sciatica pain or to prevent me getting it in the first place.

The most important thing with this type of pain is to keep the body moving and maintain flexibility. When I stop doing yoga, the first place I feel it is in my lower back! 

And yoga is an amazing way to relieve lower back pain, sciatica and gently stretch the body! Helping you to maintain flexibility.

Be sure to take your time with these stretches and listen to your body. Only stretch as far as it feels comfortable to you! Make adjustments as needed!

And be mindful not to overstretch! Easy does it!

So to get started with this yoga for sciatic pain and learn some of the best stretches for sciatica pain…click on the video below!

Now it’s over to you…

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