Yoga for Constipation

November 19, 2020

Looking for a natural way to relieve constipation and relax at the same time? Then using yoga for constipation relief could be exactly what you need!

Being constipated is exhausting! Literally! As it affects you not only physcially, but mentally and emotionally as well!

You feel “blocked” and irritated….literally!

You need to find natural ways to improve elimination and the out flow out of your body…

Helping you to get unstuck….so things no longer need to be pushed and shoved!

But allowing your body to relax and LET GO and FLOW!


Yoga for Constipation 2

That’s what I love about yoga. It really is amazing when it comes to constipation.

Using yoga for constipation can quite  literally help you get “unstuck”…

Yoga can help to gently massage your digestive organs, increase blood flow and oxygen to your colon and reduces stress.

Which is a huge ISSUE when it comes to constipation!


If you suffer from constipation…that first question you need to ask yourself is…


How tight are you hanging on?

How much are you pushing and shoving, rather than allowing?

That’s what I love about yoga.

It not only heals your physically, but it also helps you to reconnect back to yourself again!

Helping you to become more self-aware and understand what you need to do to let go and RELAX!

So try this Yoga for Constipation class where I take you through some classic yoga moves!

Really tune into the torso and feel the beautiful squeezing and massaging of your organs. 

And remember to BREATH! Breath deeply during each pose, to help you relax even deeper!


Now it’s over to you…

How did you go? What did you notice about this yoga for constipation class?

Practice this regularily and include poses such as Vajrasana in to your daily life! 

You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!


Melissa xxx

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