Yin Yoga for Sleep

January 29, 2021

Life is busy! You’re busy! It’s important to take time out for yourself everyday to create deep relaxation. Especially when getting ready for a restful nights sleep. And this Yin Yoga for Sleep class is a great place to start.

We’re so use to being on the go non stop, that many find it difficult to actually relax their body and mind. Especially when it’s time to sleep.

We push and push throughout our day, that falling asleep and staying asleep can be quite a challenge. Tossing and turning waking up exhausted the next day. Only to start the cycle once again!

As a society we need to learn to slow down and take time out to reconnect back within to create deep relaxation. To not always be pushing and pushing. But to take time out to receive as well. Giving the body ample time to recharge!

And this Yin Yoga for Sleep is a great place to start as it helps your body unwind and your mind relax.

Yin Yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga which brings the awareness deep within. Each pose is held for an extensive period of time. Giving you time to settle your mind and focus deeply on your breath.

Yin Yoga is very meditative and I love it for that, I as love meditation. And Yin Yoga combines this sensation of meditating whilst holding yoga poses.

This Yin Yoga for Sleep is a great class to set your mind right to prepare your body for sleep. Slow movements through the body, working with your breath.

Take your time with this class. At first it maybe challenging as your mind is still quite engaged from your day.

Be patient with yourself and breath into any irritations that the mind may present to you as you hold each pose.

The more you focus on the breath, you will soon feel the mind settling and your body relaxing. Feeling stiller and calmer within. Preparing you for a wonderful nights sleep!

Now it’s over to you…

How did you find this class? What was your sleep like?

This class can be practiced not only before bed, but also when you need to create deep relaxation!

Love to hear your experience below! Be sure to leave a comment! :))

Namaste xxx

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