Yin Yoga for Back Pain

March 05, 2021

Practicing Yin Yoga for back pain can offer great relief to ease back pain and create flexibility.

When you suffer from back pain it’s so important to keep the body and spine moving. But this can be challenging especially when you’re in pain.

That’s what I love about yoga. Yoga can be as gentle or dynamic as you make it. Creating flexibility and strength. And a great practice to ease back pain.

I honestly don’t know where I would be without yoga. My back can get tight and restricted and I use yoga on a regular basis to keep my spine moving! Keeping things flexible.

Otherwise I get very tight and tense in my back! :))

yin yoga for back pain 1

And Yin Yoga offers a more soothing and calming practice when it comes to back pain. As you hold postures for an extended period of time and breath deeply into the pose.

Helping you to focus on areas of tension and then breathing deeply into those areas to let tension go. You then become more aware of your body and what is happening deep within.

Yin Yoga offers you a moment to pause and to become aware of your body. So that you start to LISTEN to what is happening within.

Giving you time for reflection as different thoughts and emotions come to the surface as you hold each pose.

Yin Yoga offers you the opportunity to identify and process deep seated emotions and negative beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in pain, which are manifesting in your back.

So this Yin Yoga for Back Pain video is a great place to start the process of easing your back pain and creating deep relaxation.

It will also help you to pause and listen. Taking time to listen to what’s REALLY going on for you, that maybe creating your pain!

Now it’s over to you…

If you have back pain, your body is trying to tell you something!

To heal you need to stop and listen. To take time out to work with your body and understand what it’s trying to communicate with you!

So take a moment to pause and tune in…to help you discover what is really going on!

And this Yin Yoga for Back Pain is a great place to start!

Use yoga to heal yourself and create the wellbeing you deserve! It won’t disappoint!

And to deepen your yoga practice and learn the power of meditation and yoga to heal yourself…

Then be sure to join the Wellbeing Yogi Membership. Where you will learn the power of meditation and yoga to create wellbeing from the inside out.

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Namaste xxx

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