Third Eye Opening Meditation

Your intuition is your most valued partner in life. Guiding you every step of the way. Helping you make the RIGHT choices that are in line with your highest good. That’s why you have to try this simple yet effective third eye opening meditation to develop your intuition and open your third eye.

The simple truth is that you are already intuitive….your third eye is already connected.

But how clear is your intuition? How in tune are you with your intuition and follow its guidance?

Most of us go through life numbed out. Disconnected without a sense of really trusting our intuition. Usually walking around with blindfolds on or with a narrow perspective of life. 

But what if you could open your third eye and be intuitive? Opening the horizon of seeing the BIGGER PICTURE, rather than just one small tiny piece of the puzzle?

meditation for intuition 1

Intuition is the number 1 skill I teach in my online classes such as inside my membership program.

Because being fully connected to your intuition is a powerful resource for life. It helps you to know what to do every step of the way. Helping you to more easily navigate life so that you can make choices that are RIGHT for you. Stopping the never ending cycle of falling flat on your face over and over again.

Being intuitive helps you to value yourself, learning to know what is right and wrong for you. Helping you to make choices that are best for you! Leading you on a path of more self love and joy. Which means life ain’t going to be so messy!

So whatever you choose to do….choose to develop your intuition. It will be the greatest gift you can offer yourself. And this opening third eye meditation is a great place to start.

This meditation for intuition is so simple yet powerful. It’s one of my favourites.

It works on stimulating your pituitary gland and uses a mudra with your Jupiter finger pointed upwards towards the cosmos.

The Jupiter finger represents expansion, knowledge, leadership, spirituality and wisdom. All the great qualities of being intuitive and knowing what you need to do. It also represents the ego and self, helping you gain control of your ego whilst asserting yourself powerfully at the same time.

You can learn this meditation in my latest video below.

Now it’s over to you…

This simple yet powerful third eye opening meditation is a must, you won’t regret it! 

Start with a few minutes to build up to more time when your ready. Keep chipping away at learning meditation and using tools such as this meditation, to tune into your intuitive expansive self! 

Choose to step out of your limited self into your all knowing self! 

Sat Nam

Melissa xxx

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