The Power of the Mantra Sat Nam – Realise Your Potential

One of the most common mantras I use in my classes and personal spiritual practice is Sat Nam. This mantra is the most widely used mantra in Kundalini Yoga.

Sat Nam is a Bij mantra, which means seed. A Bij mantra accesses part of the mind that regulates our habits. The seed of the sound Sat Nam is planted into the unconscious mind. This seed then re-arranges the habit patterns of your mind, freeing yourself from negative habits that are holding you back.

Sat means truth – the reality of your existence.

Nam means identity.

Within the seed of this mantra all the knowledge and wisdom can be obtained. The essence or seed is the identity of truth embodied in condensed form.

Chanting this mantra verbally or mentally awakens your soul and connects you to your destiny. Sat Nam balances the five elements (tattvas) earth, water, fire, air and ether. It clears the subconscious mind removing what no longer serves you. Sat Nam helps you reach self-realisation.

Often in a class, I will say Sat Nam to those I meet. Saying Sat Nam to someone is like saying “I see your true nature. I recognise the divinity within you”. We say Sat Nam at the end of a class in reverence to the sacred experience that has been shared between us. Try chanting Sat Nam before you eat with your hands in Prayer Mudra (palms together in prayer pose at the heart centre).  Chanting up to 3 times to bless your food with love and gratitude.

Sat vibration reaches upwards through the crown and Nam reaches down to the earth. Chanting Sat Nam reaches up, pulling the vibration of Infinity down into your awareness on the physical plane.

Try the Meditation for Truth to get you connected to the power of Sat Nam and allow it to transform your life.


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