Self Love Affirmations Meditation

Looking to learn how to love yourself and be kinder to you? Then look no further than this self love affirmations meditation!

This meditation is all about helping you to connect into your heart and to create the self love that you deserve.

This is a guided self hypnosis meditation using the power of self love affirmations to help you reprogram your subconscious.

I take you on a journey to connect into your heart whilst you affirm positive self love affirmations to build self love and self care.

A powerful way to create inner shifts that uplift and support you! 

You can enjoy this meditation either lying down or sitting in a meditative position. 

Now it’s over to you…

Practice this Self Love Affirmations Meditation regularly to help create long lasting change! As you learn to be kinder to you!

Make sure you are doing something kind towards yourself each and everyday! Watch your thoughts and be gentle with yourself!

So many times we don’t even realise the negative patterns and thoughts that we have towards ourselves, which are actually holding us back!

Meditation is such a powerful tool that you can use to help you develop self awareness and create more self love! 

Be sure to check out another great video to create self love. Click here to watch that now!

Namaste xxx

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