Root Chakra Healing Meditation

December 24, 2020

 If you are looking to feel grounded, safe, secure, healthy and energetic….then this Root Chakra Healing Meditation is for you!

When you experience fear, phobias, anxiety and insecurity, your root chakra needs some tender loving care.

If you are struggling with physical issues relating to your legs, feet, colon, bladder, pelvic floor, then it’s time to check in with your root chakra.

If you struggle to feel grounded and connected, or lack self esteem or a sense of belonging…

Then it’s time to tune into your root chakra, and this Root Chakra Healing Meditation is a great place to start!

Your root chakra or Muladhara Chakra is located at the base of your spine. It represents a sense of belonging, security and safety.

When you feel safe and grounded, your root chakra is balanced. You will be have good health, energy and a strong sense of self.


root chakra healing meditation 3

Each chakra is just as important as the other. They all need your loving attention!

Just like you need a shower every day to remain clean and hygenic, your chakras need the same to remain healthy and balanced.

This Root Chakra Healing Meditation is a great place to start healing your root chakra. 

All you need is time to get quiet, tune into your body, notice what is happening and create space for healing!

This meditation helps you to do just that and uses the ‘seed’ mantra for the root chakra, LAM.

LAM helps to rebalance and heal your root chakra. Chanting this mantra internally or verbally out loud, is a powerful way to heal your root chakra!

In the video below I take you through a Root Chakra Healing Meditation using the mantra LAM! It’s a wonderful meditation to help you connect and heal your root chakra!




Now it’s over to you…

Take time to tune into yourself to create deep healing and wellbeing!

You have so many amazing tools available to you, that you can easily bring into your life! To heal yourself on every level!

Try this Root Chakra Healing Meditation and let me know how you go! Comment below about your experience and what you discovered.

And if you are ready to take your healing to the next level and learn the power of meditation and yoga to heal your life…

Then our online membership program is for you! A great place to learn the power of these incredible tools to heal and transform your life!

It’s time to join the party! Click here to learn more!


Melissa xxx

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