Pranayama Yoga: Pranayama for Beginners

December 04, 2020

Pranayama Yoga is a powerful yogic tool that you can use to heal yourself on many levels! And there are many easy pranayama for beginners techniques that you can use to help you get started.

Pranayama Yoga is the science of controlling the breath in a particular way to create a specific outcome for healing.

Pranayama is a powerful yoga technique to help calm your mind, reduce anxiety and stress, create clarity and focus, increase your energy and create deep healing.

It’s a powerful way to change the way you think and feel in a matter of minutes! Creating deep relaxation and healing.

And there are many simple and powerful pranayama for beginners techniques that you can start practicing! These are really easy and can be practiced anytime of the day, to help calm your mind and relax your entire being!


Pranayama Yoga: Pranayama for Beginners 2

I absolutely love practicing and teaching pranayama! They are incredibly powerful for beginners.

Especially when your mind is very active and you have a hard time focusing your mind in meditation.

Pranayama for beginners is also fantastic if you suffer from anxiety, panic or high levels of stress! It only takes a few minutes to calm yourself down with Pranayama Yoga and shift how you feel!

Pranayama Yoga is especially wonderful for beginners when you are just starting out learning the power of meditation.

They help to calm your mind fast, allowing you to more easily settle into the beautiful space of meditation.

Making learning meditation meditation so much easier!

And you can learn the power of meditation and the amazing tools of Pranayama Yoga inside our membership! Where I teach you the power of meditation to heal and transform your life. Click here to find out more.

In my latest video below I take you through 2 simple yet powerful Pranayama Yoga techniques! These pranayama for beginner techniques are incredibly easy but very effective!



Now it’s over to you…


How do you feel now after practicing the two Pranayama Yoga techniques in the video above?

I just love tuning into how I feel before I practice any Pranayama Yoga. And then tuning in again to how I feel afterwards!

You will notice the shift in how you feel in a matter of minutes! That’s all it takes! And it’s incredible easy!

So start to include Pranayama Yoga into your daily life. Practice just for a few minutes to experience a significant shift in how you feel!

I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

And remember if you are ready to dive in and learn more amazing pranayama for beginners techniques, meditations and more to help you let stress and overwhelm go…then learn now by joining our Membership!

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Melissa xxx

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