Meditation is a Journey

May 16, 2014

Meditation is a journey of re-connecting to the truth of you. The truth of who you really  are. A journey of many roads, many surprises and insights along the way.

Meditating gives you the space to get back to you. It gives you awareness, intuition and peace. It is not always easy and there are times you will simply not do it.

I see meditation as a relationship; a relationship between myself and it. With each and every relationship we have our ups and downs, our good times and our bad times. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I experience stillness, sometimes I just can’t get my mind to stop. Each day brings new energy and changes to it. As I evolve so too does our relationship.

Meditating regularly takes commitment, discipline and awareness. It requires dedication to yourself, giving yourself the time you need.  It really is very simple to find 11 minutes every day to meditate. But why does it seem so hard? You know how it makes you feel and what it can bring to you. Then why don’t you put yourself first?

Growing up in a western culture, meditation was not something that I was taught. I was not guided as a child to meditate every day. I was not shown the importance of taking the time to still my mind and connect with my true self. It just wasn’t part of our culture.

This is true for most of us. Meditation is something that we have to learn as an adult and as such requires consistency and patience to develop this new habit. But hang on a minute doesn’t that mean I have to put myself first? Does that require self love and respect? More on that another day!

It is time to develop a new habit and change your life in positive ways. The Sat Nam mantra is a great place to start to cultivate this new habit.

Meditation gives you a foundation for life. It gives you awareness and clarity, opening your eyes to the truth of everything. It removes the blindfold you have been wearing all of your life, allowing you to finally see clearly. A steady and consistent meditative practice gives you endurance, strength and courage to keep up when your world seems to be falling apart.

Meditation helps you release negative habits, thoughts and emotions. It releases what no longer serves you, lifting the veil of illusion of what you believe to be true. It is like a light switch coming on and you are able to see the reality of all things. This brings liberation and freedom.

Meditation is really very simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated or arduous. Find a meditation that works for you and commit to it. You will know when it’s time to switch to something new. Don’t give up. Your mind and ego will throw a tantrum along the way to distract you from the path. Be persistent.

Remember meditation is not always peaceful and blissful. You will have moments of frustration and boredom. Your mind will drive you crazy. Sounds like fun? This means your meditation is working. Your mind and the ego are being challenged. Keep up and keep going. Meditation allows you to create a new story for yourself.

Sitting still and simply focusing on something such as your breath, an object, counting or a mantra, your mind will begin to have moments of stillness. Continue to bring your mind back to your focal point over and over again. In these moments of stillness you will get a delicious taste of beingness that you will crave more and more. Keep up and you will increase these moments.

So tell me. Are you ready to give meditation a try? Are you ready to create stillness and feel cozy within your being?

Start meditating today, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Make a commitment to yourself. Start small, practice once a week, then twice a week etc. Set up a space that is yours to meditate in, meditate at the same time everyday and create a routine to get you started.

Begin to awaken your true nature.

“Meditation is when the mind becomes totally clean and receptive and Infinity talks to you”. Yogi Bhajan.

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