Mantra Magic

Using mantra supercharges the development of your meditative mind. Mantra cuts negative thoughts and changes their direction to positive. This then allows you to move into a space of peace, intuition and clarity.

Mantras are positive sounds. They are creative projections of the mind through sound. Mantras are formulas that alter the patterns of the mind and the chemistry of the brain. They directly affect the chakras, human psyche and our consciousness.

Man = Mind

Trang = Wave or projection

As we meditate we begin to control our mind. As we do this a great number of negative thoughts are released. If we cut the centre of these negative thoughts they become positive. This is what a mantra can do for you in a matter of seconds.

The power of mantra is in its sound vibration. Like a piece of beautiful music touches your heart and changes the way you feel, mantras can do the same but on a deeper level.

Chanting mantras verbally or mentally can alter the way you think, feel and act. This is a conscious method of controlling and directing the mind. With mantra you can change the vibration of your mind. You can change your frequency and thought waves from negative to positive, altering your psyche and consciousness.

You are creating with every word you speak and every thought you think. When you chant a mantra you are projecting and invoking the quality of that mantra within your being. Whether it be for peace, happiness, prosperity or joy.

Change the way you think and act by chanting a mantra. Find a mantra that gels with you and is in alignment with what you need right now.

Change your story and your law of attraction. Shift your consciousness and your vibration. Become in tune with the universe and your higher self.

Sat Nam

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