Living in Fear – Letting the Past Go

October 20, 2017

Living in fear either means you are living in the past or worrying about the future. Today we are going to talk about living in the past.

Do you find yourself reliving past events over and over again?

Do you struggle to let go of pain and hurt that others have caused you?

Well if you do, you are not fully embracing the now, or creating the future you truly desire. You are living in fear over and over again.

You are stuck in a time warp, harboring resentment, anger, pain and negative emotions. You are torturing yourself, draining your energy and playing the victim.

Victim = disempowerment.

Does this really sound like living?

More like living in dungeon all chained up!

living in fear living in the past

It’s Time to Let the Past Go

It’s time to let the past go, heal yourself and create peace within. To free yourself to LIVE!

When you let the past go, you are no longer giving your power away to others. You stop living in fear.

The truth is, you are only harming yourself. You are causing yourself more pain.

Sounds totally insane doesn’t it?

Well it is, but it’s not your fault. You have been trained by your own past and programming to react and respond in a certain way.

You have created sabotaging patterns and programs, to keep you safe. They are there to protect you, or so they think that’s what they are doing.

But in fact they are contributing to you living in fear and keep you in the space of victimhood. You then continue to sabotage your peace and happiness.

This does not allow you to become empowered.

What Can You Do?

  • checkTake action by choosing to let these experiences go. Make a conscious decision that you need to let the past go, in order to move forward and become empowered.
  • checkLearn to forgive and love YOURSELF! You don’t need to forgive the other person, or accept what they did was ok. You can understand things from their perspective, but work on loving and forgiving yourself first and allow true healing to take place.

    Then you will no longer give them your power and you will become free.


  • checkMeditate. Start a daily meditation practice to develop self awareness, inner peace and a sense of deep connection to yourself. Meditation will bring you into the present moment and recognise the truth of who you really are.

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Try This Meditation to Create Inner Peace

Here is a meditation to get you started.

This meditation helps to release living in fear, negative memories and painful experiences, and replaces them with peace.

It is a wonderful meditation to release fear, phobias, negative thoughts and emotions.

If you find yourself constantly playing past experiences over and over again in your head, then this meditation is for you.

The mantra Wahe Guru means ecstasy, bliss. It connects you to the cosmos, the universal mind and your soul.

  • heartGet into a comfortable meditative position. Either sitting cross-legged on the floor, or on a chair with your feet flat against the floor.
  • heartKeep the spine nice and straight, the neck long. Chin slightly tucked in.


  • heartLower the eyelids until the eyes are only 1/10th open. Be sure not to drop the entire head down when doing this. Keeping the head straight.


  • heartConcentrate on the tip of your nose.


  • heartSilently say within to yourself – Wahe Guru whilst concentrating on different parts of your body as described below.


  • heartInhale and remember a negative experience which happened to you.


  • heartExhale whilst you mentally say Wahe Guru in the following way:

    Wa – mentally focus on the right eye

    He – mentally focus on the left eye

    Guru – mentally focus on the tip of the nose


  • heartAs you exhale image the memory, emotions and event being released from your entire being.


  • heartInhale visualise and re-live the feeling of the negative experience.


  • heartExhale and again repeat Wahe Guru as above. Again choosing to let it all go, washing away from your energy field and mind.


  • heartInhale and become the other person, experiencing it from their perspective.


  • heartExhale and again repeat Wahe Guru as above. Let them go. Repeat to yourself: I choose to let them go.


  • heartInhale. Release the other person and forgive yourself.


  • heartExhale and mentally repeat Wahe Guru as above. Repeat to yourself: I choose to let you go and set myself free.
  • heartInhale hold the breath for a moment, and as you exhale hand over the negative experience to the universe. Say to yourself: I choose to let this go and set myself free.


  • heartTake a deep breath in and hold, then release.


  • heartFocus on your heart and repeat 3 times: I choose to love and honor myself. I am peace.


  • heartSit in stillness and meditate on the peaceful space you have created for yourself.

living in fear meditation for peace

You Deserve Peace

The bottom line is, you deserve to live in peace. You deserve to be happy and free, enjoying your life. This is your divine birth right as a soul.

So it’s time to stop living in the past and create the peace that you do deserve.

Start today with baby steps. Try the above techniques and meditation to open a space within you, to reconnect back to yourself.

Learn to love yourself and set yourself free.

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