Get Connected & Back Online With Your Soul

August 02, 2016

Get connected & back online with your soul

Do you feel lost, confused, and disconnected? Its time to develop intuition.

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, physical, emotional and mental pain? If you are suffering in any way then you are disconnected from yourself and the voice of your soul.

How connected are you to yourself? Do you know who you really are?

Would you like more intuition, knowing, self-love and respect? Would you like more flow and know what your purpose is in life? If yes, then you need to get connected. Get back online with yourself and your soul to experience joy, happiness, passion and purpose. You have the power.

If you are like me then at some point in your life you have felt disconnected. A sense of loneliness, feeling cut off from yourself and from the world.

Do you often find yourself putting on a brave face, even though your heart is sinking? Do you pretend to be someone you are not in order to fit in and feel “normal”? Each time that you do this you sacrifice yourself. You tell yourself that you don’t matter.

For years whilst working in the corporate world in marketing, I was lost, confused and suffering. Every day was a struggle. I used to beat myself up over and over again as to why I found it so difficult to contribute, connect and feel passionate about the work. I didn’t feel excited like the others did. I pretended even though I was dying inside.

For years I felt that there was something wrong with me. I saw it that I was faulty and not good enough. I viewed myself as a failure.

I didn’t recognise that this was not me. It was not what I was meant to be doing. Light bulb moment! I mean HELLO! I was not on purpose! I was not connected and aligned with my soul and myself. I was completely disconnected.

Due to poor self-esteem and not being connected, I believed that something was wrong with me. That it was MY FAULT! I used to put myself down constantly and get overwhelmed with guilt.

Does this sound familiar? It may be that you try to fit in with a group of friends and you feel this way. Or perhaps you hide your spiritual self from your family or workmates in fear they will reject who you really are. (I could write a whole book on that topic!)

I was disconnected from my soul, purpose and myself. I was misaligned and this caused suffering and pain.

Over time I started to get more connected. I began to clear my energy, mind and worked on loving and respecting myself. I began to awaken my intuition and get back online.

The more connected I became, the clearer I became. The clearer I became the more connected I became. The stronger my knowing and intuition became. This led me on a path of self-healing and learning to help others to heal themselves and get connected to who they really are.

What a relief!!! I wasn’t crazy. I didn’t have to do that marketing thing anymore and try and be someone that I wasn’t. It wasn’t me. There was and is NOTHING wrong with me! I am NORMAL.

Finally, I began to feel freer to be myself and follow a path that is aligned to who I really am.

It is time for you to recognise that when you are suffering, when you are in pain and experiencing negative emotions, feelings or experiences in life, this = misalignment to self. Disconnection.

So how connected are you? Do you go within and spend time to connect and get to know yourself? Or do constantly find yourself chasing your tail to meet others expectations? Do you hide away with outer distractions that keep yourself too busy to hear your knowing and calling?

It is time for you to awaken back to yourself. To wake up and connect to your soul and the calling of your purpose.

Here are 10 tips to get you started.

∗    Clear your energetic baggage

You have a shower every day to remain clean and hygienic. Do you offer yourself the same care for your energetic self? Everything about you is energy. Most likely your energy is blocked and toxic. Over time your energy becomes contaminated with negative energies, lost souls, negative cords and more that weigh you down. These negative energies keep you stuck, confused and disconnected from yourself.

Start to understand more about how your energy works, and clear your energy daily for renewed energy, focus, clarity and connection.

∗    Stop being the victim

Do you have a tendency to feel sorry for yourself and seek sympathy from others about your situation? Are you the type who complains about your life and of the people around you but do nothing about changing it? Or perhaps you enable a victim, constantly feeling sorry for them and trying to always fix their problems?

Being the victim keeps you disempowered to change. It keeps you in a space of suffering, negativity and pain.

Notice when you drop into the victim basket. Notice how it makes you feel and what it does to your energy. Stop giving your power away to someone else, and go within to see the changes your heart desires. You do have the power.

∗    Become aware of who you spend time with

Reflect on those that you spend time with, your friends and family. Do you surround yourself with people who are uplifting, positive, respectful and fun? Or do you spend time with people who are negative, draining, complaining about their life, this person and that person? Are they disrespectful? Is it all about them?

Do you walk away feeling tired, negative and at times a headache?

If you wish to know more about yourself and your energy, become aware of the people you spend time with. If you sit in toxic energy you become toxic energy and this will keep you disconnected. Review your relationships and make the changes needed that make you feel good.

∗    Avoid negative gossip

Gossiping and connecting with the drama of others is draining and toxic. This is a sign of low self-worth and the need to divert your attention to another rather than looking within at self. How would you feel if you heard someone else gossiping about you? If wouldn’t make you feel very good. So why do this to others?

Remember everything is energy. Gossiping is not good energy and lowers your vibration keeping you disconnected. When you gossip you are sending negative energy to that person and most importantly to yourself. It becomes you and it hits the other person energetically.

Why attack yourself? This is what you are doing. Notice yourself and when you are engaging in gossip. How does it make you feel? How does it feel when you hear someone else complain about someone? Does it drop your energy and drain you? Notice how much of your power you give away to others and their dramas. Get connected back to yourself and what you need to uplift you.

∗    Watch your thoughts

Your thoughts can keep you disconnected. Do you put yourself down? Worry about this and that? What record are you playing in your mind? Become consciously aware of the thoughts running in your mind that could be keeping you disconnected from yourself.

For example, mine is procrastination. The programming in my subconscious is very good at trying to keep me off track and disconnected from purpose. It finds every opportunity to distract me from making the time to connect, write, meditate, exercise etc. All the good stuff.

Become the observer rather than the doer. Your thoughts can give you great insight into what is holding you back from connecting to yourself. Start a journal. Set an intention to become more aware of your thoughts your habits that are holding you back. Work on changing your thoughts to higher vibrations of peace and love. Meditate to clear and reprogram your subconscious mind. Align yourself to thoughts that support you and get you connected to what makes your heart sing. Chant a mantra when negative thoughts overwhelm you. Mantras cut negative thoughts like a knife, shifting your energy from negative to positive.

∗    Create time for you

Create time every day to be with yourself. Spend time alone in silence without computers, phones and facebook to distract you. Just be with yourself. This can be quite scary for some.

Find something that inspires and uplifts you to create positive energy and feelings within you. This may be some gentle music, a great book or journaling your thoughts and feelings. Do something that you enjoy and that creates positive feelings within you. When you feel this warmth within you, you get connected again to yourself and what makes you feel good and inspired.

∗    Meditate

Meditation is your secret weapon to getting connected again. Meditation allows you to quiet your mind, clear out the garbage and reprogram the subconscious. It is your foundation to get you connected and in tune with who you really are. It sets you up for the whole day so that you function from the soul rather than the ego.

Find time every day to meditate and connect with yourself and your soul. It will change your life. Everyone can find 10 minutes in their day to meditate. No excuses. If you have an excuse then look at the self-sabotaging thoughts, programs and energies that are playing out to block your connection. Be honest with yourself and the change you desire will come.

∗    Breathe

Remember to breathe. The breath can take you from anxiety and fear to a relaxed and calm. When the mind gets racy with thoughts, your breath becomes shallow and disconnected. You are out of alignment to your soul and truth of self. Stop. Take 10 long deep breaths whilst focusing on the breath. Count each breath bringing the mind back to the breath and counting over and over again. Your breath is your gateway to get connected back to self. Become aware and use it daily.

∗    Exercise

Get outside and get moving. Shift your body and shift the stagnant energy that is holding you back from connecting to yourself. You need to shake it and move it. Find a point of exercise that you love. It maybe walking, yoga, swimming or dancing. It doesn’t need to be some crazy hard core regime if that’s not your thing. Find something that works for you and start to put yourself as a priority. Tell yourself that you matter.

∗    Diet

You are what you eat, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The more toxic your thoughts, energy and emotions are, most likely your diet will be the same. The clearer I get, the healthier I get. I am loving myself more and honoring what foods make me feel good and are good for me. I get clearer, my diet becomes cleaner. I detox my body regularly and nurture myself with the right foods to support me.

I know when I’m off track as I crave foods and stimulants that are not good for me. This is when I am feeling down, tired and disconnected. This is a sign that I need to clear my energy. The more I love and respect myself the easier it becomes.

So what are you waiting for? Do something to get you connected. Sit with yourself and make a list of what you can do to get connected every day and start the process. Have an honest conversation with yourself and find out what can work for you to get you started on a journey of intuition, passion, joy and love. It is your birthright to experience this. This is the calling of your soul. Get connected and aligned once more to who you really are.

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