Immune System Yoga – Inner Strength

August 14, 2020

Strengthening your immune system is something we don’t do enough! Often leaving it too late before becoming unwell. Yoga is a great way to build immune system strength and create health. And this immune system yoga sequence is a great place to start.

I love yoga and know how much it has improved my own health and wellbeing.

One story I will share here will demonstrate to you the power of yoga.

I hadn’t practiced yoga for some time. I was tired at the time and felt like it was time to get back into yoga.

I moved into Shoulder Stand which places pressure on the throat (see image below). So its great for the throat chakra, digestions system and bringing blood flow to the head area. Shoulder Stand is a great posture for the immune system.

So here I was inverted in this pose, when it was time to come out of the pose…

When I came out of the pose something shifted in my throat…

It became irritated and sore…

And within minutes…and I mean minutes…I was unwell…I had come down with a virus/cold.

I was blown away…even though I was now sick…I was just amazed at what had happened.

Now before you tell yourself that there is no way you are going to practice yoga in case you get sick…

Yoga is a power healer. It helps the body to remove toxins and increase blood flow to allow the body to heal. 

I was struggling with a little throat thing for a while, nothing major. As soon as I sent blood flow to my throat with yoga, my body was then able to release this and begin the healing process.

It was incredibly insightful. Reminding me of the power of yoga and how it can strengthen your immune system.

And because of yoga, I recovered quickly.

immune system yoga

Yoga is a powerful way to build strength, increase your flexibility and improve your health. 

It can be a very healing tool to help you create balance mentally, physcially, emotionally and spiritually. And honestly I dont know where I would be today without practicing yoga.

All you need is a few minutes to get you started. Take it slow and you will soon come to love its power in helping you keep strong and healthy.

And this immune system yoga sequence is a great place to start.

Now it’s over to you…

Enjoy this immune system yoga sequence to build strength and increase blood flow throughout your body.

Remember to always listen your body and take action to take care of yourself.

Any questions make sure you comment below!


Melissa xxx

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