Protecting Your Energy & Aura

April 27, 2016

You are an energetic being constantly in the flow of energy around you. These energies interplay with your energy field and vise versa. Some energies are positive and uplifting, whilst others are draining and heavy.

You are always in the web and flow of energy, like the waves of the ocean. This ocean of energy includes the energy of your environment, home, work, location and people.

Have you noticed at times you may go somewhere feeling uplifted and happy before hand? But after a short while you start to feel drained, irritated and develop a headache? It’s all about energy. What is the energy of the environment? What type of people are you connecting with? This is the energy of the space that you have stepped into.

Energy is everything. It can make you feel amazing, expanded and powerful or depressed, drained and overwhelmed. The more you begin to understand energy and how your energy field works, the more you will begin to recognise the effects of energies around you.

Protecting your energy is one step in taking back your power. Strengthening and protecting your energy field helps you remain more balanced and energised, assisting you to stay more connected to your true self.

Energetic protection is something that has helped me incredibly on my own journey. I am energetically sensitive, and find it difficult to be around certain people, places and environments. Before I learnt about energy, the aura and chakras, I used to think there was something seriously wrong with me.

Once I started to heal and cleanse my energy field and become more connected, I was then able to recognise what was really happening.

I have learnt a great deal on how to manage my energy field and know when and where I need to protect myself. This is still a work in process as I learn and grow with each day that passes. Some days are easier than others, depending on how I feel within myself, where I have been and whom I have connected to.

If you choose to go into harsh energetic environments, or connect with negative and draining people, then you will need to do something about your energy field. However the more work you do on yourself and develop your energy body, the more powerful your aura will become.

You will then develop more love and respect for yourself. This will support you in making the right choices in where you spend your time and who with. You will begin to let go of toxic energies, people and environments. You will start to surround yourself with places and people that inspire, uplift and respect you, making you feel good.

If you find yourself constantly attracting negative energies, people or environments, then you need to look within as to why you are attracting this in the first place. Do you honor and respect yourself and others? Do you nurture and take care of yourself? Remember the external world is always a reflection of your internal world.

It is important not to come from a place of fear, about what negative energies may be affecting you. Protecting yourself is common sense. You have a shower everyday and you wear clothing to cover and protect your body.

Energetic protection is the same. It offers you protection to keep your energy field protected from the environment, places and people. This allows you to remain connected to yourself without being pushed and pulled by energies around you. It helps you to recognise what is your stuff and what is not.

I protect myself everyday and I will write more on how you can do this. But for now here is a mantra to get you started. This mantra is a mantra for protection. It only needs to be chanted a few times to receive its benefits. This mantra surrounds the aura with protective light and can be chanted anytime and anywhere.

This mantra guides you through every aspect of your life and experience. Guiding you from the depths of your heart and soul, to be in alignment to the truth of who you really are and what is perfect for you in that moment. It also clears the clouds of doubt and fear and opens you to guidance and protection.

The mantra is Ad Guray Nameh. The meaning of this mantra is: “I bow to the infinite primal wisdom. I bow to the wisdom true through the ages. I bow to the true wisdom. I bow to the great unseen wisdom”.

Here is what you do:

  1. Take a moment to center yourself. Set a very strong intention of what you are doing. For example creating a protective shield around you. You can even program this shield to be with you for a certain number of hours. Ie for the day.
  1. Place your hands in prayer mudra at the heart and close your eyes to connect.
  1. Chant the mantra 3 times whilst you imagine the protective light encasing your aura and energy field. Chanting the mantra aloud is best, but you can also do it silently.

Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh

Sat guray nameh, siree guroo dayv-ay nameh

  1. Sit for a moment and feel the expansiveness of the protection around you. Affirm that it is with you. Set a powerful intention that this shield only allows positive and loving energies to enter.

You can also chant this mantra just before you step into a place where you feel you need the protection. Or you may even chant it mentally whilst you are somewhere if you are not feeling the best. Imagine the protective light building within your energy field as you chant it. Chant to protect your car, home or office. Chant it even for your children, imagining them in front of you as you chant the mantra, visualising it encasing their entire being.

The applications of this mantra are endless. So have a play and experience its power.

Heal yourself today. Take back your power.


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