How To Meditate In Bed Before Sleep

September 03, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to meditate in bed before you sleep and whether it works?

Well it does and it doesn’t. It comes down to the type of meditation and what it is used for.

Some meditations are very activating. They wake you up and make you alert. This is not the type of meditation you want to be doing before sleep. Otherwise you will feel like you have had caffeine hit and will be awake for hours!

Instead choose calming and relaxing meditations. Ones that are designed to slow you down.

Decide whether to meditate sitting upright in your bed or lying down ready to sleep. Remember if you are choosing to sit up and meditate, select meditations which are designed to promote sleep. 

Just on that, do not make your bed your mediation hub. This is a place for sleep and rest. That is the energy you need to create in this space. The intention of meditating in bed is to put your asleep. 

If you are looking to start a daily meditation practice, find a space in another part of your house just for you. Meditate there every day in the same place, at the same time. Soon the energy will become super charged with the vibe of meditation. 

How to Meditate in Bed Before Sleep

Here are two meditations to get you started in learning how to meditate in bed before sleep. One is sitting up right and the other is lying down.

They are both pranayama/breathing meditations. Super easy and simple to do.

how to meditate in bed before sleep

1. Left Nostril Breathing

Left nostril breathing taps into the energy of the moon. It is relaxing, calming and introspective. This is a great meditation to bring you within and prepare you for sleep.

  • Sit in a comfortable meditative position with the left hand in Gyan Mudra, resting on the left knee.

  • starSpine is straight, neck is long. Be sure not to slouch, as this is a pranayama and the energy needs to flow freely up and down the spine. 
  • Eyes are closed focused up and inward at the third eye point.
  • Right hand is in a fist with the index finger extended.
  • Blocking off the right nostril with the right index finger, begin to gently breath in and out through the left nostril. Nice long deep breaths. Only through the left nostril.
  • Continue anywhere from 3-11 minutes.
  • To end take a deep breath in and hold it for a moment. Then exhale release. Meditate on the space that has been created.
  • When ready lie down for sleep.

2. Long Deep Breathing

Long deep breathing is the second technique to learn how to meditate in bed before sleep. This one is done lying down on your back. This is my favourite. I end up asleep in minutes.

The goal is to maintain awareness of your breath and observe the response throughout your body.

  • Lie down on your back in bed. Palms facing up by your sides. Feet gently flopped outward. Close your eyes and become aware of your breath. Breathing in and out of the nostrils.
  • Notice the breath moving in and out of the body. Observe the rise and fall of your navel, chest and throat. Follow this movement and flow.
  • Become aware of the coolness of the breath moving into the body, and the warm air leaving.  Take a few moments to observe your breathe.
  • Now begin to breath deeply. Nice long deep breaths in and out of the body. Intentional deep breaths. Continue to observe the breath moving into the navel, chest and throat. Fill the entire diaphragm with air.
  • Continue to breath like this for as long as you like or until you naturally fall asleep.

Now its over to you…

There you have it.  Two techniques on how to meditate before bed to get you started.

Long deep breathing is my favourite. I don’t need to do this for very long before I become deeply relaxed and fall asleep.

Try both of these meditation techniques and see which one works for you. Let me now in the comments section below, as I would love to hear about your experience.

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