How to Change Your Life for the Better

October 22, 2019

How to change your life for the better! Is it even possible? Do you have that much power?

Yes, Yes & Yes!

How many times have you felt powerless and a victim to your circumstances? Stuck in the negative cycles that you keep getting yourself jammed into over and over again!

It’s exhausting. And it can feel like you have absolutely no say in the matter. Yet you keep getting caught in the same net time and time again!

We are complex beings and creatures of habit. Once a pattern and way of thinking gets programmed into our subconscious, it continues to play out over and over again, drawing in the same old same old experiences in our lives.

So that’s when you really have to stop and become aware of the things that you keep drawing into your experience! It’s all a reflection. Your outer world is a direct mirror of your inner world. 

If you need to understand more about the things that you need to change within yourself, look at what you keep attracting into your life that aren’t working for you. This will give you clues as to what you need to change within yourself, so that you can create a different external experience.

Understanding this helps you to know how to change your life for the better! 

Remember you have the power! You can change your life! It all comes down to you! (No pressure right?)

Learn more in my video below on how to change your life for the better!

Learn meditation to create positive change

One of the greatest tools that you can use to help you learn how to change your life for the better – is with meditation!

One of the greatest gifts it offers is self-awareness and a deeper connection back to the REAL YOU!

Why does this matter?

Because once you get connected back to the real you, you begin to see yourself and your place in this world, for what it really is. Rather than associating yourself as something that you are not! Which keeps you small and limited.

It helps you to put the pieces of the puzzle back together again so that you understand what you need to do to create positive change within your life!

As you become more self-aware, your intuition increases and you begin to respect yourself in ways you could never imagine!

That’s when you begin to know what changes you need to make to create a better future for yourself. It is almost an automatic integration that happens, often without you even realising!

This is due to the beautiful integration that meditation offers you as it begins to clear your subconscious programming and energy. As it reprograms you to a deeper connection to your soul and true self, you see things clearer and start to make better choices for yourself.

To help you get started I have written an easy to follow beginners guide to meditation! It includes the why, when, what and how to meditate. Giving you the step by steps tools you need to bring meditation into your life!

And it also includes 5 meditations to get you started!

Click here to learn more.

Now its over to you…

Take the steps today to start changing your life! It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated! Simply start meditating every day – even if its only for a few minutes! That’s all you need to begin with!

Keep it simple! And life will become more simple!

Remember to love your light!

melissa haymes

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