How Does Past Life Regression Work?

February 12, 2021

If you have ever been curious about past life regression and have wondered how does past life regression work….then this blog is for you.

Another time….Another place…

Have you lived before? Are you curious?

If you have thought about this and wondered whether your past lives could be impacting your life today…

Then your soul is calling you to explore your past lives and to discover more about how does past life regression work.

You are so much more than your physical body. You are an expansive energetic soul having a human experience in this current life…

But you have lived before…many times…in many places…

And exploring your past lives can provide incredible insight and healing at a very deep level.


how does past life regression work 1

If you’re struggling to heal or understand aspects of your life…then exploring your past lives may offer you the answers you’re seeking.

Past Life Regression is powerful and insightful.

So how does past life regression work? Read on to discover…

How Does Past Life Regression Work?

Past Life Regression uses the power of hypnotherapy to take you into a very relaxed state to access the deeper layers of your subconscious memories. You are awake and aware of your experience as you access these memories.

Many clients believe that they are not aware of the experience. However, this simply is not true. In Hypnotherapy you are aware and awake, yet in a very relaxed state. Which means you are aware of your experience and the insights that you receive.

A past life regression session starts with relaxation techniques to calm the mind and create deep relaxation. You are then regressed back in time to a previous life time, with a clear intention of what it is you wish to explore.

You may wish to understand a health issue that just doesn’t seem to heal. Or you may wish to explore a relationship.

how does past life regression work 1

You can literally explore anything when it comes to past life regression. The skies the limits!

And if you have no idea what you want to explore, but you just want to visit a past life, then that is exactly what we do.


It’s time to explore…

Once you land in a past life you will then explore that past life. I like to refer to it as “sight seeing”.

You travel through the past life to understand more about that life. Who you were, where you live, what your life is like.

We unravel all of the facts to help you understand more about the past life.

Then once the past life has been explored, it’s time to understand the WHY!

Why you have been shown this past life and HOW is it impacting your life today?

How is it holding you back and what do you need to heal and move forward!

So first we gather the facts. Then we understand the facts and what you need to heal and move forward.

Then it’s time to heal…

Past Life Regression is therapy. And that’s why I highly recommend that when sorting out a past life regression therapist, that you find a qualified practitioner and one who is a hypnotherapist.

This means that they can hold space for you to explore your past lives whilst helping you release any trauma or negative imprints that arise through your experience.

So, a past life regression session is so much more than just “looking around”. The power lies in the therapy aspect.

Understanding the “Why” and “What” you need to heal!

This is where the power lies, creating deep and powerful transformation.

Learn more…

So, if you are curious about past life regression and if its for you…

Learn more by watching the video below or read more here

Now it’s over to you…

You will know if past life regression is for you…you will just feel it…

This work calls you as your soul nudges you to heal at a deeper level…

Choose to follow that calling and discover more about past life regression

You can read more about past life regression. If you have a question, I’m happy to help. Click here to contact me and send me an email.

It’s time to understand how does past life regression work so that you can too experience profound healing.



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