Heal Your Inner Child With These Simple Steps

September 01, 2017

Is Your Inner Child Running Your Life?

Heal your inner child to create the life of your dreams. Your inner child is real. They are waiting for you to play, have fun and be free.

Healing your inner child requires love and nurturing. It needs kindness and loving support in order to flourish and thrive.

But unless you actively nourish your inner child with love and attention, it can run havoc, keeping you stuck in a cycle of pain and suffering. You continue to view the world through the beliefs that you formed as a child, which can often hold you back in life.

So how does your inner child feel?

Are they happy and playing, enjoying life? Are they cared for, nurtured and loved?

Or are they sad, lonely and neglected?

inner child healing

An Adult Viewing the World As a Child

As an adult, you still operate as your inner child. The way you respond, react and deal with life, is from the perspective of your younger self.

You view the world as you did when you were young when your experiences created your beliefs about yourself.

The way you think, feel and react is all pre-programmed from 0-12 years old, and even into your mother’s womb and previous life times.

What happens to you during this time, whether it is positive and supportive, or negative and traumatic, is programmed into your subconscious mind and energy field. It is wired into your brain, shaping the way that you perceive the world from that moment forward.

Always, always when clients come for help to heal their deep-seated issues, they are guided to their childhood, or even earlier.

It is their hurt child, which carries the burden of the pain of others, and negative beliefs that don’t serve, that skew their sense of the world and their place within it.

healing my inner child

If someone comes who has been bullied, for example, they have also become a bully and/or are highly defensive. They are unable to receive criticism and are quick to lash out before anyone has a chance to prove them wrong.

This is their defence mechanism kicking. They have learnt that in order to keep safe, they have to protect themselves and fight back.

Other times their mothers have neglected them, which causes deep-seated emotional pain and suffering. As adults they become controlling, judgmental and critical of others, to cover up the mask of their deep lack of self-love.

All of your programming in your subconscious mind is done and complete by the age of 12.

The program does not change unless you actively begin to change it with new positive experiences and programming.

This is why you often see the true personality of a child come to light in the teenage years. They are a pure result of their childhood role modelling, parents, family and experiences.

The ego and conscious mind are fully functioning at that point, with the previous programming of the subconscious complete.

Teenagers are now functioning from the ego aspect of self, the I, rather than the subconscious who was still connected to the world of the soul.

How to Connect with Your Inner Child

You can simply get an idea of this by closing your eyes and asking your inner child to step forward to show you how they feel.

Observe how they look to you, what are they doing?

Do they feel happy or sad? Ask them.

You really don’t need to go into deep hypnosis or a meditative state to even access this level of awareness.

Simply close your eyes, ask them to step forward and see how they feel. Keep your questions simple, as if you were talking to a child.

This will give you powerful insight as to what is really going on for you at a very deep level. This technique will help you heal your inner child and set yourself free.

Getting an understanding of how your inner child feels, will help you understand how you are really feeling. It will bring awareness to what is keeping you in pain, and stopping you from having an amazing life.

Understanding what you need to do, in order to heal your inner child, then becomes easy as you have a sense of what they need to be happy.

How to Break Free

The good news your programming can be changed. You can heal your inner child and not be stuck in the programs that don’t serve.

You can reprogram your beliefs so that they are supportive, positive and in service to you. Rather than limiting you.

Check out this meditation to get you started in tapping into your inner self and heart. Learn to come from a place of neutrality rather than reactivity.

Learn to feel safe and lovingly supported yourself in life again. This really is a beautiful meditation to assist with nurturing the self.

healing inner child

Check in with your inner child regularly with the exercise outlined above. Understand where your inner child is at, and what they need to be happy. Continue to check in and make sure they have their needs met.

You can gain more insight by simply asking them what they need to be happy and have fun. They will tell you. Then follow that guidance and do it.

Here are 3 more things you can do to heal your inner child and nurture yourself:

  • heartGo Outside & Play

Be in nature. Keep it simple.

Go and swing on a swing, climb some monkey bars, or ride a bike.​

What do children love to do? What did you love to do when you were a child? ​

I loved my pink bike and I keep telling myself I must get a pink bike and start riding again. The freedom and the joy it gave me. Note that it something I need to take action on!

  • starCreate

Do something creative. Something colourful and fun. Nothing serious.

Consider getting an adults colouring book and spend some time colouring in. Look at painting, drawing, making something. Use colour, textures and what ever else feels right to you.

This is a meditation in its self and nurtures that creative inner child to play and be free.

  • heartLaugh

Laugh and be silly.

Find something that you love to do, that is fun, colourful and free. Whether it is to play a game or watch a funny movie.

What makes you laugh? What makes you feel loved and supported? What makes you feel free?

I love Disney movies. I feel my inner child beaming when I watch these. They uplift my spirit and soul and help me to remember why we are really here.

So have fun and play!

inner child healing

Learning to heal your inner child is essential to help you tap into feeling lighter and happier. You will begin to remember who you really are and what brings you joy. It will also help you understand what is holding you back from fully connecting to your true self. It will help you develop your intuition and understand your life purpose.

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