Gain Self Love & Self Esteem in minutes

June 03, 2016

How much do you value yourself and your divine worth? What does it even mean to value you? How much care and nurturing do you offer yourself? Do you sacrifice yourself over and over again?

It is only recently that I realised how much I was disrespecting myself. This was one of the major causes to my adrenal exhaustion. Even to sit down and rest for a while riddled me guilt, that I was being lazy.

My adrenal exhaustion made me stop and look at what I was doing to myself. I had to take responsibility for what I was experiencing, and change it.

Learning to love and honor myself has been one of my life lessons that I am getting better at over time. What a journey it has been.

One of the greatest gifts your soul is offering you in this lifetime is to learn to love yourself. Learning to truly love yourself completely and fully to the core of your being. You have incarnated again and again to learn this valuable lesson in life. Love.

When you truly begin to love yourself, your energy shifts to one of self-love and worth. You begin to respect yourself and who you are. This then becomes your vibration. You begin to attract loving and respectful people in your life. People are kind, thoughtful and loving towards you.

A great way to see how you are travelling with how much you are respecting yourself is to look outwardly. Look to your relationships and interactions with others. Are people always kind, respectful and friendly towards you? Does everything flow?

Or do you often experience anger, frustration, disrespect and drama where ever you go?

The outside world is your barometer as to what is going on for you in your energy field. If you experience disrespect from others, then you are not respecting yourself. Everything is always a reflection.

Rather than blaming another for what they have done to you, ask yourself, why have I attracted that experience or relationship into my life? What is it within me that I am not respecting and honoring myself?

You need to make a choice. Do you wish to be disrespected by others and experience drama in your life? Or would you like love, respect and flow?

The more you respect and honor yourself, the more others will love and respect you. Then you begin to experience love wherever you go. People are kind and friendly as you begin to become kind towards yourself.

Look in the mirror. Ask yourself, where am I not respecting myself? Where am I letting myself down?

Your outer world is a pure reflection of your inner world. So use it to become aware of what is really going on for you, rather than blaming someone else. You have immense power to be and create love for yourself.

Develop self-awareness. Become aware of your thoughts, your emotions and what you are experiencing. Ask why have I attracted that experience in my life? What is it showing me? When you do this you begin to take back your power, rather than giving it away to someone else.

Here is a meditation to help you conquer negativity towards yourself. To help you let go of your self-defeating thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck in disrespect. The greatest enemy is yourself. This distracts you from connecting to your true divine self and experiencing joy in your life.

Its time to take back your power and heal yourself and your life. Learn to love yourself once and for all.

Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity

  1. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with a light neck lock.
  1. Relax the arms by your sides, with the elbows resting on the ribcage.
  1. Raise the forearms to the level of the chest. Make fists with the hands and keep the thumbs pointed up.
  1. Press the fists together in such a manger that the thumbs and fists are touching. The palms are towards each other. The sides of the thumbs are resting side by side to each other.
  1. Sit straight with the torso straight without rocking.
  1. Eyes are open fixed at the end of the nose.
  1. Follow the breath pattern as follows:

Inhale through the nose

Exhale completely through the mouth

Inhale deeply and smoothly through the mouth

Exhale through the nose

  1. Continue for 3 minutes and slowly build up to 11 minutes.
  1. End – inhale and stretch the arms up over the head. Keep them stretched as you take 3 long deep breaths.
  1. Close the eyes and sit quietly, meditating on your divine self.



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