Feeling Disconnected? Recognising Soul Disconnection

September 22, 2017

Are you feeling disconnected? Most souls on this planet are disconnected. They feel lost, confused, sad, depressed, sick and so forth.

Fragments of their soul are split and held by other people or negative beings. This then creates them feeing disconnected to their true self.

This occurs as a result of negative traumatic experiences, beliefs, thoughts and emotions from our current life and previous incarnations.

How do you know you are disconnected?

If you are emotionally suffering and struggling, not feeling free and at peace, then fragments of your soul are disconnected.

This then causes a disturbance in your energy field, body and mind, as you are not fully connected to your truth and soul. Keeping you in a space of suffering and fear.

The more distorted your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, the more fragmented and distorted your energy is.

If you have been destructive to yourself and others, in this life or other lifetimes, then the layers of your soul become split.

Your energy field becomes vulnerable and weak. Negative energies are then able to hijack your energy, taking up house so to speak. They live in your energy field and control your life. This contributes further into feeling disconnected on a deeper level.

You know this is the case if you feel:

  • frown-oDisconnected
  • frown-oConfused
  • frown-oLost
  • frown-oBad About Yourself
  • frown-oDepressed
  • frown-oAnxious
  • frown-oFearful
  • frown-oIn Pain
  • frown-oBlocked
  • frown-oDisempowered

feeling disconnected depression

When full connected you will feel…

  • smile-oPeaceful
  • smile-oKnowing
  • smile-oTrusting of yourself & life
  • smile-oLoving towards yourself & others
  • smile-oBalanced
  • smile-oFree
  • smile-oEnergetic
  • smile-oHappy
  • smile-oIn the flow of life
  • smile-oEmpowered

Why does your soul split?

When clients come to me they often feel totally lost and disconnected to life. They don’t know who they are or why they are here. They are totally disempowered.

It always shows up that they are missing fragments of their soul. Fragments that were taken from them to keep them in fear, rather than being fully whole and complete.

As a result of manipulating other people in this life and previous lifetimes, your fragment splits. The same is true when other people manipulate and control you.

When your fragments are with another, they have more control over you. They are able to influence your energy, the way you feel and manipulate your life.

The same holds true for you. If you have someone’s fragment, you can do the same. Holding power over that person, to gain more control. This keeps you in the space of feeling disconnected from your intuition and power.

It is all past life related. Every person you have ever made contact with in your current life, has had a previous past life link. Nothing is a coincidence.

Now some of these connections are supportive and uplifting. But many can be toxic, exhausting and simply difficult.

Often family members, husbands, wives and children, have your soul fragments and vise versa.

You remain disconnected due to the energetic imprint in your energy field, from one lifetime to the next, until you resolve it.

Can you become connected again?

It doesn’t have to be this way anymore. Your soul can be free and fully connected to its truth.

The planet is awakening and ascending. As the planet ascends, you are ascending with it.

The truth of how you have been held back for eons, is now being revealed as you are able to let this go and be free.

As your fragments are returned to you, life questions such as who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?, simply disappear.

You begin to feel more connected, balanced and in harmony with your soul. You feel a deeper connection to yourself, your soul and the universe.

This = empowerment, intuition and peace.

When you are fully connected and whole, you have the power to be your true self and live out your divine mission.

What can you do to change this?

In order to change feeling disconnected, you need to actively work on making the time to connect to yourself.

First recognise are you feeling disconnected? Could your soul be disconnected, which is affecting the way you think and feel about yourself.

Next work on getting more connected. Understand more about this by meditating and connecting to you. Going within.

Develop self awareness and become aware of your beliefs, thinking and emotions. What is holding you back from realising your potential?

Clear your energy and release yourself of negative toxicity, people, environments, food and habits.

Seek help where needed. Soul Regression has changed my life in the most profound ways and the lives of my clients. It has helped us feel more alive, connected and empowered than we have felt in lifetimes!

You deserve to be fully connected, whole and free. You deserve to create the life of your dreams.

Stay strong and never give up.

Reclaim your power.

melissa haymes

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