Dancing Monkey

March 28, 2016

How powerful is your dancing monkey? Is it gracious and flowing, trained like a professional dancer? Or does it jump around out of control with no rhythm? What does your dancing monkey look like?

What do I mean by your dancing monkey? I’m talking about your mind. Which is often referred to as the monkey mind. Jumping from one place to the next, out of control. Darting its attention here, there and everywhere.

For most of us this is true, including myself. Thoughts darting from one place to the next, causing confusion and pain. Learning to tame the monkey mind is one of the most powerful things you can ever do. Taming your monkey mind allows you to take back control and change your life.

The mind is a powerful tool. So powerful that it creates and manifests instantly. But mostly your mind is untamed and left to its own devices to do what it likes. Out of control, fleeting from one thought to the next. Consumed by each thought, latching onto them believing them to be true. This sends you on a downward spiral. You become consumed by the negative thoughts, giving energy to them. This then creates negative emotions such as sadness, anger and so forth. Next you feel drained and overwhelmed. And it just started with a thought.

The mind has been given to you as a powerful tool to create, manifest and connect to the divine. It has the power to connect you to your true self and soul. It is time to harness its true power and change your life. Do you wish to be in a place of misery? Or do you wish to create true happiness and purpose in life?

The most important thing for you to understand is that you need to be in control of your mind, not the other way round. You may believe that you have no choice and your mind literally has a mind of its own. This is not true. It is time to learn to control your mind, your thoughts and create the changes you’re searching for. You have the power to change your life.

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can practice to take back control of your mind and harness its true potential. Learning to quiet the mind and focus on thoughts that you do want rather than those that you do not, is life changing.

A thought is just a thought, until you begin to focus on it and give energy to it. Otherwise it is a thought passing by. Learning to meditate helps you to see the web and flow of thoughts moving like waves of the ocean through your mind. Meditation brings self awareness to these negative thoughts and allows you to let them float on by, rather than identifying with them.

Through meditation you develop self awareness. You begin to notice how focusing on one thought leads to another, and another. The mind brings up memories from the past stored in your subconscious, to validate your original thought. This then creates powerful negative emotions as it digs up trauma from the past. You end up on a downward spiral to a place of negativity, resentment, anger and so forth. This becomes your energy and your reality.

See how powerful you are? You have just manifested sadness, resentment and anger in a matter of minutes. This then becomes your reality. Remembering everything is energy; you then attract more sadness, resentment and anger into your life. You are a magnet, attracting what’s in your energy field and what you believe to be true about yourself.

This is the game of the mind. A game that you need to learn how to play. It is time to become the master player of this game, and take back control of your life.

Meditation is your starting point. Get connected, clear your subconscious and create awareness. Set yourself free from the downward spiral of torture that you do every single day.

I am speaking from experience and it is something I continue to work on every day. Some days and moments are harder than others, and I get hooked like an addict. Becoming totally un-present and forgetting what is happening as I enter the downward spiral. I literally loose myself.

I then recognise what is happening. I stop and change my thought process to something uplifting and positive. I intentionally hook myself onto a thought or mantra that makes me feel good. This cuts the negative aspect of the mind and hooks me into a positive thought and vibration. Lifting my emotions, my vibration and feelings to something positive.

Practice, patience and discipline is needed. Start today by meditating and becoming consciously aware of your thoughts. Declare that it is time for you to take back your power and create the most amazing things in your life. You have the power.

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