Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

September 30, 2020

For many anxiety can be debilitating, holding them back from truly enjoying life. But there is one thing you can do to help ease the pain by using the power of your breath to quickly reduce anxiety, calming your mind and emotions. In this blog I will be teaching you 3 breathing exercises for anxiety to help you get started.

Using the breath to change the way you feel, works! The ancient yogis knew this when they created Pranayama. Pranayama is the science of controlling the breath to create a specific outcome.

Pranayama is the process of controlling the way we breath into the body, holding the breath in or out, or in a particular pattern.

So the yogis understand that by changing your breathing patterns you are able to change the way you think and feel.

When you have anxiety your breath becomes shallow and rapid. Reducing the amount of oxygen coming into the body. As a result this disturbs the mind. The mind becomes erratic, confused and anxious.

But when you breath deeply, taking slow deep breaths into the belly, you increase the oxygen flow into the brain.

Your mind becomes calm, more relaxed and your are able to focus and think more clearly. You feel more balanced and centred.

So the breath is an incredible tool to use to help control and reduce anxiety fast. All it takes is the recognition that you need to STOP for a moment and remember to breath.

STOP and become consciously aware of your breath. Choose to breath deeply for a minute or so. Even taking 10 long deep breaths into the body can create a significant shift in your level of anxiety.

This will quickly change the way you feel, balancing your emotions and helping you to restore calm. Bringing the mind back into a calm, centred space.


how to start meditation

There are many pranayama techniques that you can practice to help reduce anxiety. In fact any form of slow deep breathing is beneficial for anxiety. Simply taking a few long deep breaths in and out of the body, is a great way to get you started in reducing your anxiety.

That’s why I share with you 3 great breathing exercises for anxiety in my latest video to help you get started.

Each of these simple techniques can be practiced anywhere at anytime, to help reduce your anxiety and create a sense of calmness. 

They are really simple to do, yet may make all the difference in helping you to claim back a sense of balance and normality in your life. 

Watch the video below to learn these effective breathing exercises for anxiety.

Now it’s over to you…

So how did you go? Did you try one of the  breathing technqiues? How did it make you feel?

Practice these anywhere at anytime, anywhere from just a minute or turn them into a meditation on their own.

I would love to hear how you went. Comment below and share!


Melissa xxx

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