5 Signs You Are Blocking Yourself From Loving Yourself

November 17, 2017

Loving Yourself – Why is it so HARD?

The number 1 thing you can do to heal and change your life is loving yourself. That’s it. Full stop. THE END.

Sound’s easy right?

So why are you struggling? Why is this so HARD? 

For me it has been tough! It has slapped me in my face over and over again, as I continue to work through mastering this simple truth.

Loving myself has not an easy feat. In fact it is like trying to climb Mount Everest in the worst possible conditions! Well it seemed like that anyway!

Can you relate?…

Loving myself is and continues to be, let’s be clear on that, a life long lesson.

I can almost hear my soul and guides in the backseat of the car on our journey to love, repeating over and over again, “Are we there yet……Are we there yet…Are we there yet…”

They patiently wait in the back while I steer the car, trying to navigate my life on the right path!

When will I FINALLY GET IT and arrive at my destination?

loving me

Shouldn’t It Be Easy – Loving Yourself?

I didn’t love myself, believe in myself or think I was even good enough.

I felt disconnected and cut off from my intuition and inner knowing. I felt disempowered.

I searched for love outside of myself rather than looking within.

My life fell apart. I was constantly setting myself up for pain and suffering. I was making poor choices over and over again.

I was putting more faith on something or someone outside of myself, rather than going within and putting faith in myself.

Can you relate?…

The no 1 thing that I have had to keep coming back to over and over again, was loving myself. That’s it. All problems solved!

And with every single client I have seen, regardless of their problem, what do you think they needed to heal? Can you guess?

That’s right….wait for it….drum roll….

Learning to themselves!

Wow revelation!

Really?? Are you sure?? That’s it!

Sounds so easy!

Well it is, but you block this process over and over again. You sabotage your happiness and success.

You have been programmed since childhood that you don’t matter.

You have grown up in a society where self-love is not taught or shown. Unless your parents have worked a great deal on their “stuff”, and are balanced, happy people, then chances are you have struggled with loving yourself.

When you don’t love yourself you experience pain, sadness, stress, ill health, disrespect, drama and so forth.

5 Ways Your Are Blocking Yourself From Loving Yourself

What are 5 ways that you are blocking yourself from loving yourself? 

1. Subconscious Programs & Beliefs

What you believe to be true about yourself is based on what has been programmed in your subconscious and energy field. 

The way you view and see the world, is a reflection of your beliefs and programs that were created from childhood, the womb and even back into past lives.

So what was your childhood like? What type of values and beliefs did your parents instill in you?

Do your parents respect themselves and other people? Or did they criticize, blame and were negative?

Understanding your childhood and the beliefs that were installed in your subconscious, will give you insight into what negative patterns you are carrying that are blocking you from loving yourself.

Looking to your family and even your culture, will give you an idea of these programs and how they are playing out in your own life.

Unless you change your program, it is only natural that you run the same program as your parents.

We become our parents, unless we change our programming. I call it mini me’s, mini versions of our parents!

And let’s get real here, is that a good thing or not? Do you like being told you are just like your mother or father?

Look at your parents, their parents, your family and siblings. Have they mastered loving themselves and ooze confidence and non judgment? Or do they struggle?

2. Watch Your Thoughts

How do you talk to yourself? What are your thoughts like? Are they positive, loving, kind and supportive?

Or are they negative, judgmental, critical and so forth?

Becoming the observer of your thoughts is a great way to understand where you’re at in terms of loving yourself.

Become aware of your inner dialogue. How do you talk to yourself? How do you treat yourself?

Start talking to yourself like you would a small child. Speak sweetly, offering words of encouragement, support and love.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to help you become more self aware, cultivate self-love and inner peace. Check out my FREE 5 Steps to Connect to Your Intuition & Get Empowered, which includes a free Meditation!

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3. Who Do You Spend Time With?

Who do you hang out with?

What type of caliber are your friends and family?

Are they positive or negative? Uplifting and inspiring or dramatic and draining?

This is another indicator of how well you are doing in the loving yourself department.

If you spend time with people who are negative, draining, toxic, judgmental, unkind, who complain and gossip…Guess what?

I think you are getting this now!

You are not loving yourself! You are disrespecting yourself by joining forces with them and becoming the same.

Like attracts like. So again this is your mirror.

If they have drama after drama, issue after issue, you are syncing in with their lower vibration. You are one and the same.

loving yourself

4. How Do You Treat Others?

Are people kind, loving, helpful and supportive wherever you go?

Or are people rude, judgmental and disrespectful?

Again this is your guide as to how you are feeling about yourself on the inside.

If people judge, criticize and are unkind to you, guess what???

This is you mirror. You are being unkind, critical and judgmental of yourself and others.

BINGO! You got it!

So next time when someone is unkind to you, go within and ask yourself, where was I being unkind to myself or someone else.

loving yourself

5. How Does Your Physical Body Feel?

Do you have abundance of energy, feel amazing and on top of the world?

Or do you struggle with physical pain, anxiety, fear, disease and so forth?

Your physical body will indicate to you how well you are doing in loving yourself. It will let you know that something is not in alignment. 

Physical issues in the body mean di-ease in the energy of the body.

Your energy is out of alignment, harboring negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions and stress.

You are disconnected from your inner knowing and intuition, living in a space of fear or negative emotion.

Use your physical body and how you feel as a barometer to understand how much you are respecting and loving yourself.

Perhaps you are doing something you really don’t want to do and you have resentment. Resentment turns into anger and festers in the body, and can turn in to illness and disease.

So What Does Loving Yourself Even Mean?

It means…

  • heartAlways being kind to yourself.
  • heartPutting yourself and your needs first.
  • heartListening and following your heart and intuition.
  • heartYou make creating peace in your life as a priority.
  • heartLife flows magically and everything falls in place as it needs to.
  • heartPeople are loving, kind and supportive wherever you go.
  • heartAll of your relationships are uplifting, inspiring, respectful and loving.
  • heartYou are filled with joy and happiness.
  • heartYou feel energetic and healthy. Your physical body is thriving.

loving yourself

Are You Getting It?

I think you are getting it by now! 

If you are struggling in your life, ask yourself how much you are loving yourself.

Use your outer world as a guide to look within and recognise the changes you need to make to create a different world for yourself.

You deserve to be happy, free and peaceful. You deserve an amazing life.

It all starts with you.

melissa haymes

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