Are you cursed?

April 14, 2016

Do you feel stuck, blocked and struggle in life?

Does nothing ever seem to go right, even though you try and try?

Do you have people in your life that you really struggle with?

You have lifetimes and lifetimes of imprints and programming stored within your energy field, subconscious and DNA. Depending on what you have resolved and healed in your previous lifetimes, impacts what you bring back with you in your current life to heal.

Curses are one of the major imprints that you continue to carry, lifetime after lifetime, binding you to the past. Curses are very real and have kept you bound for centuries. They keep you trapped, chained and disempowered. Stopping your birthright of experiencing joy, health, and success.

After being a healer for many years and having healed my self on many levels, energetically and subconsciously, I still felt stuck. I felt trapped. No matter what I tried to do, I continued to slip backwards again and again. This became more difficult as I began to step further into my purpose.

I was led onto a path of exhaustion and literally had to stop healing. I questioned everything I was doing. Perhaps I needed to go back to the corporate world and work the way I used to.

These were the ties of the curses keeping me bound, stopping me from moving fully into my purpose. These curses were affecting my health, happiness and work. It felt like a constant battle and struggle. Does life really have to be this hard?

I resigned to the fact that I would have to feel this way forever, and never have abundant energy and health. It seemed the more I was trying to live my purpose and follow what I truly wanted to do in this world, my energy would plummet and I would experience block after block. So what was missing?

In learning Forensic Healing and applying it to myself, it was revealed that I was cursed from previous lifetimes. Mostly curses to block my spiritual gifts and powers, my health and happiness.

Upon removing these curses I slowly began to feel an opening in my energy field. I began to experience more energy, flow and joy again. I started to feel more connected to myself, to source and my purpose in life.

My eyes opened up and I felt more awake. Everything seemed brighter. Even the textures and colours around me seemed more vibrant and filled with life. Is this what life looks like? I realised I had been seeing everything through the shadow of the curse. What an awakening.

I felt like I had awakened from a dungeon of darkness, as the light began to enter my entire body. I felt an expansion in my energy field like I had not experienced before. Finally the blocks began to be removed and things began to change.

I continue to heal myself daily as more layers are revealed and released. It is a work in process as I continue to cleanse and heal myself across all time and space.

Curses are like bondage or a ball and chain. They keep you bound and trapped, with the aim of holding you back and stopping you from living your true purpose and being truly happy.

Fortunately you are in a time now that you can heal yourself from these curses. You no longer need to suffer over and over again. You can experience joy, happiness, energy and freedom. You can step back into the flow of life again where everything works out effortlessly.

So how do you know if you are cursed? Here are some ideas to help you identify if you have a curse.

  1. Is it difficult for you to make changes and move forward? Do you always feel trapped and blocked? It doesn’t matter what you try or do, nothing seems to work?
  1. Do things never work out for you? Does nothing ever seem to flow? Do you attract one drama after the next? Conflict after conflict. Problem after problem. Are you one of those people that drama and conflict seems to follow you everywhere?
  1. Is your health suffering? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work? Do you often feel tired and drained?
  1. Are there people in your life that you really struggle with? Family members, friends, work colleagues? Are there people in your life that you have a difficult time being around? That you have conflict with or who have caused you pain and suffering? Perhaps you feel intense fear and overwhelm in their presence. Are there people who have abused you in someway and you continue to stay in that relationship? You feel trapped?
  1. Do you struggle with financial abundance? Do you find it hard to make money, keep money or even get a job? Do you have one let down after the next?
  1. Do you feel your family is cursed? There has been one hardship or traumatic event after the next. Many deaths or accidents? This could be a generational curse past down through the ancestral lineage.
  1. Are you a healer or dream of helping others, but have intense fear around it? You may have been prosecuted in a past life for using your spiritual talents and abilities. Cursed to stop you from standing in your true power.

Curses are real and take power over you, holding you back in all areas of your life. Think about aspects of your life that you feel trapped and struggle with. Could it be a curse that is stopping you from experiencing freedom?

Free yourself by healing your past and changing your future with the power of Forensic Healing and Kundalini Yoga Meditations to re-program past life imprints and karma that no longer serve you.

Forensic Healing, meditation classes and past life regression with Melissa are held in Doncaster East, Melbourne. Healings are also available over the phone or via Skype, Australia wide.

Heal yourself today. Take back your power.

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