Anahata Chakra Meditation

January 15, 2021

At the end of the day, you are here to connect back to yourself. To learn to live from your heart, connect to your heart and experience love. But why does this seem so hard? lifelong journey? Well it doesn’t have to be, and meditation can help, especially with this beautiful Anahata Chakra Meditation. 

The journey of life is the returning back to yourself again. To awaken your true self and remember you are love. To align yourself back to compassion, joy and kindness.  

But over time your heart becomes wounded and scarred from the pain of the past. Life happens and you experience disappointment. Love becomes a dream and sometimes not your reality. 

Yet the heart chakra is the gateway to the upper chakras. Opening a pathway to the true self and soul. A pathway to infinity, love, unity and intuition.  

A powerhouse to connect you back to your divine self. 

So it’s a chakra not to be ignored, but to be cherished and… 


anahata chakra meditation 1

So, what you can you do to help you to heal your heart? Returning back to your true self once more? 

Meditation of course. Meditation helps guide you back yourself again. Helping you to heal and awaken your intuition. And there are specific meditations that you can do to heal your heart chakra and awaken the love within you. 

This Anahata Chakra Meditation is a great meditation to help you get started. In this video I will take you through a meditation using a heart chakra mudra, or hand gesture called Apan Vayu Mudra 

This mudra connects you to your heart, helps to establish a stronger connection to yourself, helping to create calm and relaxation. It directs the flow of prana through the heart chakra, helping you emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

On a physical level its also wonderful to help heal heart related issues and may assist with cardiovascular health, blood pressure, immune function, and panic attacks.  

On an emotional level it helps you to process emotions, negative experiences, create self-love, guiding you back to a place of joy.  

You can practice this mudra from anywhere for a few minutes and even build up 15 minutes, and doing these 3 times per day.

Now it’s over to you…

 Take time out to heal your heart. Notice how you feel within yourself.

Do you find yourself shying away from love or opening yourself up to new opportunities and experiences? 

Work with your heart chakra to establish a stronger connection back to yourself again.

And let me know in the comments below how you found this Anahata Chakra Meditation. What did you notice? How did you feel? 

I love to hear from you! 

And if you are ready to take your healing to the next level and learn the power of meditation and yoga to heal your life…

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Melissa xxx

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