A Past Life Story that Changed Her Life

April 18, 2016

Once upon a time, there was a powerful healer who set out to change the world. With hope and dreams to uplift many. However a turn of events led them on a path of being manipulated and controlled by others, destroying their dreams for lifetimes. This is a story to demonstrate the power you have within you to create the life you have always dreamed of. This is a story of a past life regression I facilitated recently that was so incredibly powerful and epic, that I needed to share it with you.

You have many layers of imprints and patterns that you have carried into your current life, that have not been healed or resolved. Patterns which you continue to repeat over and over again, with the same people. I call it the never-ending story.

Until you release the energy and links that tie you into the karmic imprints within your energy field, you remain trapped in the same energy over and over again. This is the power of past life regression. Healing and working with the spiritual being to change yourself at a very deep level. Uncovering the truths as to why something keeps playing out in your life, to create the changes you long for.

My client came to me to receive help with taking back her power. She felt overwhelmed and manipulated in many areas of her life. Feeling trapped. We had already had one past life regression session in which she released a great deal of e

es and past life imprints that were holding her back. After her first session, my client found the power to leave her abusive marriage and create safety for herself. She felt an incredible shift.

My client started to see the patterns of abuse and manipulation playing out in other relationships within her life. This was evident in her family and lineage. She still felt controlled and manipulated, wanting to take the next step in releasing this once and for all.

I started the session with Forensic Healing to work on releasing the manipulation she was experiencing. A generational negative imprint was identified from the female lineage. A ritual had been done to disempower and control others. From here I took her deep into ta rance to access past life memories to find out more on when it began. She entered a life of entrapment in a cult where she was manipulated and controlled. Together we explored more of this past life then entered soul trance for deep healing.

Here is her story:

“I am a 50-year-old woman standing in a crowd of masses all around me. I look like a priestess. I’m in Egypt and its 2000BC. I’m preaching to the crowds of people everywhere, guiding and helping them. They look up to me. It is adverse times and I am a powerful healer, guiding those in need. Helping them to see the light.

Now I am sitting on a chair alone feeling very lonely. I have such a strong obligation to the people. An obligation to look after everyone else. So much so that I neglect myself. Something is not right about what I do. It’s not what I thought it was. I am not able to do anything for myself or use my powers to help others. That is my duty and I have no choice. I am trapped. I feel alone and powerless.

I have sacrificed myself over and over again. Nothing is allowed outside of my duty. This is how I am trained and how they control me. If I try to do anything for myself outside of my duties, I am punished. They stone or hurt me physically. I am emotionally battered and worn down.

I have now moved back to an earlier time when I was 20 years old. I am wearing a white dress standing in a castle, looking out to the sun and praying. I feel amazing. I am channeling and feeling such an incredible power of light and love within me. I feel empowered and know in that moment I need to serve the people. I have a purpose to help others. I feel so connected to the source. I make a decision about my future. This is the major turning point in my life. I need to be a healer and to help others. This is my calling and purpose.

I feel an incredible power within me. I feel strong, empowered and happy knowing what I have to do. This is meant to be.

Now I am 60 years old. I am frail, sick and hunched over. I have been taken advantage of by my authorities. They have manipulated me and taken the life out of me. I feel crushed and disempowered. I am broken. It was not what I thought it would be. I had such hope and excitement that day when I was 20 to join this group to serve the people. They tricked me. They lied to cover what they were truly all about. I believed it to be something else, yet they manipulated and controlled me. I have been abused, punished and lied to for many years. I am trapped.

I am now 70 and very frail, holding a stick, worn out. I gave up the fight. I lost my will. I was out numbered. I tired to fight back all of those years but I am defeated. The years of abuse were too much to bare. I am alone, tired and have lost my strength.

Now I am 85 years old. This is the last day of my life. I feel so disempowered. This life was dark and destructive. Nothing like I believed it would be. I was manipulated, deceived and controlled.”

From here I took my client deeper into a trance to connect back to her soul. To understand more about the life she had just experienced and how it was affecting her current life.

“This lifetime was not pure and clean that I thought it was. I thought it was a noble life helping others, but they tricked me. They led me to believe their lies and deception. It was a trap to use my powers for their own needs. I did well in staying pure in my heart and integrity throughout the lifetime. I always tried to do the right thing for the greater good and for the people. Yet this was difficult as they punished and manipulated me.

But I didn’t listen to my intuition. I wasn’t discerning enough. I was naïve when I joined this group when I was 20. I was easily fooled. I had blind loyalty.

It’s so clear the patterns I have held onto for centuries and how they are playing out in my current life. I can be naïve and not question certain things, believing that there is good in everyone. Yet I have been manipulated and deceived my whole life and the patterns have been carried across 15 lifetimes. They have been destructive and difficult lifetimes. Over and over playing out the same karmic patterns. Its time to let it go.

I finally understand why I have been controlled and manipulated by others in my current life due to the karmic imprint sitting within my heart. Its time to release and set myself free.”


My client felt this karmic imprint sitting deep within her heart, weighing her down. Holding her back from stepping in her power and creating freedom for herself. We removed this energy that was linking all of the lifetimes together that no longer served. Creating freedom for herself.

Next, we released a karmic negative bond that was keeping her bound. Releasing this dissolved the ties that bound them all into the same patterns, lifetime after lifetime. Finally, my client was free.

“I feel such peace. Its finished energetically. It’s gone forever. I know it. I feel the love for myself returning into my heart. Self-acceptance of caring for myself. For looking after myself and putting my needs first. I know that from now on I will attract more loving and respectful relationships to myself. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be loved. I deserve respect and to love myself. The joy and happiness that I am feeling right now is incredible. I am free. I’m free to be me. I finally know that I deserve happiness.”

Past lives and karmic imprints from pervious times are very real and play out in your life in incredible ways. You are energy and everything you have ever experienced in all dimensions and lifetimes sits within your energy field. Everything that you experience, sense and feel is a result of your energy field. You have the power to heal yourself and create the life you deserve.

Heal yourself today. Take back your power.


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