5 Ways to Detach from the Drama

September 08, 2015

Your life is but a game. A live production filled with different characters, stories and dramas. Different souls coming together at different times, playing their part to help you learn, grow and evolve.

You are the star of the show, the leading act in the production called your life. You are playing your part in fulfilling your souls’ destiny and lessons, whilst helping other souls to do the same in their journey. Life is like one big TV soapy.

But how easily do you get pulled into the dramas of life? How often do you get caught in what happens to you, who is to blame, he said, she said and so forth. Even better still, getting caught in the dramas of others, as their dramas blend with yours and your energy becomes emotionally drained.

It takes awareness, control and connection to become the observer of the drama rather than becoming the drama itself. When you become the observer you begin to watch the production and make different choices. Choices that better serve you in creating peace and harmony that you long for.

It is easy for you to become disconnected from the truth of who you really are, getting caught in the dramas of life. It takes conscious awareness and effort to stay afloat and detach when needed.

You are on stage, playing out your character alongside other characters fulfilling your soul’s destiny and choices that you have chosen before you came to earth in this incarnation. So what’s the problem? Why are you so miserable? Why do you get caught up in the drama?

Here are 5 steps on how to detach from the drama.

1. Start Meditating

Learn to get real. Get real on what is actually real and what is an illusion. Meditate to help you get clear and connect to your higher self and soul. Meditate to understand who you really are and what life is really all about.

Meditation not only brings you peace and stillness, but helps you to get clear and to see things for what they really are. It helps you to remain calm and centered when the external world seems to be crumbling apart. It gives you strength and intuition to know what you need to do when the drama presents. Meditation can truly change your life.

Meditation takes patience and persistence. Start with closing your eyes and bringing your mind’s focus onto something. It is important in meditation to have a focal point to focus the mind on. Keep your mind at that focal point and become consciously aware. Your mind will wander many times thinking of everything else besides meditating.

As soon as you become aware that your mind has wandered again, bring it back to what you were focusing on. Keep bringing it back over and over again. Have patience and persistence. Here are some ideas:

  • Focus on your breath, the inhale and outflow.
  • Count to 10 and then start again, continue over and over.
  • Imagine a shape in your mind’s eye. Could be an egg or a ball.
  • Use a mantra – mentally or verbally chant a mantra over and over again. This is very powerful as mantra cuts through your negative thoughts and raises your vibration to a higher frequency, making it easier to connect to your higher self. Try chanting out loud or mentally SO on the inhale and HUM on the exhale.

Or try this meditation to get you started – learn more.

2. Clear your energy

Your body is surrounded by an energy field and you are energy at the core and source of who you are. Most likely you energy field is clogged, heavy and sluggish. Many negative thought forms and energies are floating in your aura, keeping you stuck and disconnected.

When you listen and engage with the drama of others, you easily get pulled into a downward spiral of negative energy. If your energy field is weak and vulnerable, you will find yourself feeling drained, emotional and depressed.
By learning to clear your energy and strengthen your aura you are then able to remain centered within your energy and not be pushed and pulled around by the energy of others.

So how do I get cleaned up?

  • Use your daily shower to cleanse your energy field. Set a powerful intention in the shower that the water will wash over you and cleanse your energy field, with the negative energy washing down the drain. Super charge this intention by invoking Archangel Michael and Raphael to help you.
  • Have a salt bath or swim in the ocean. Salt has a very cleansing effect on your physical and energy bodies. Fill a bath with water and up to half a KG of table salt or Epson salt. Add Lavender oil if you like. Sit and soak for at least 15mins or more. Drain water completely.
  • Spend time in nature. Be a true hippy and go and hug a tree. Do it when others are around so people think you are crazy! No in all seriousness nature can recharge and clean your energy in a powerful way. Set your intention and say a prayer to the tree or earth to cleanse and energise your body. Intention is powerful.

3. Cut Your Cords

You may have heard of the concept of cords that connect your energy to others and vise versa. You most likely have many cords connecting you to other people, family, children, your boss, co-workers and more. You walk around with cords connected to others, constantly tugging and pulling at your energy, which change the way you think and feel.

Cords are powerful and if you are highly sensitive like me, can change the way you think and feel in an instant. Having a cord connected to a person who is very angry and negative, will drain your energy and often influence you to feel the same.

I recommend cutting your cords every single day and pulling back your own cords which are extending out to others. This will help increase your energy levels, quieten your mind and protect you from those negative energy vampires.

Close your eyes and say a prayer to Archangel Michael and Raphael to help you release all of the negative cords attached to you. Archangel Michael is powerful in releasing cords and Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing. Imagine large scissors or a sword coming down in front of you as the cords are cut from all over your body.

Sometimes I actually making a cutting action in front of my body with my hands with the intention that it is cutting all cords connected to me from others and vise versa. I set the intention that it releases them from all over my body.

Try this next time you interact with someone that has off loaded their stuff onto you. Cut your cords immediately after leaving them and see the difference in your energy and thoughts. Like magic they will drift away with all of their stuff going with them. Don’t take their stuff home with you and let it drain your energy. Get clean and clear and be the best version of yourself.

3. Learn to live in the now

Learn to live in the present moment, for that is all there truly is. Breath, move your body and bring your full awareness to each and every moment.

Become aware of your thoughts and notice where they are at. Are they based on stories from the past or possible stories of the future? Thoughts have energy and they change the way you think and feel. They can drain you and keep you stuck in the drama, or they can elevate and lift you up.

Become aware of your thoughts. Notice what you are thinking. Does it serve you? If not literally tell yourself to STOP IT, SHUT UP or chant a mantra. Get your thoughts back onto the flow of the current moment. Train yourself and be persistent. The mind is your tool, and you control it. Not the other way round. Learn to control it and use it to serve you and connect you to your true self.

5. Lean to Relax

How relaxed are you? Do you ever take the time and stop and smell the roses?

Personally I have to work hard at trying to relax. LOL. Maybe im trying too hard! It has taken me a long time to honor my body’s need for relaxation and rest.

When you are tired and exhausted, your patience and tolerance is less. You will have a short fuse and you become very emotional and sensitive. So when someone says something that rubs you up the wrong way, you are totally thrown off balance. You then begin to give your power away and allow another to upset you and drain your energy. This then plays on your mind over and over again. Sometimes for a day, maybe weeks, years and for some their lifetime.

Take back your power and begin to listen to your body. Build your strength and resilience when the going gets tough. Rest, relax and do something you enjoy to recharge your batteries. Go for a walk, have that afternoon nap, listen to music, do Yoga NIdra. Find whatever works for you and do it.

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