5 Steps to Start Manifesting Your Dreams

March 31, 2016

You have infinite potential to create whatever you desire. You have infinite possibilities of what you can draw into your experience. You are the centre of your own personal universe, which is the centre of the entire universe and cosmos. What a mind-bending theory, being proven over and over again with quantum physics.

Imagine yourself vibrating at the centre of your own personal universe. Imagine ripples transcending out from your centre into the universe itself with infinite possibilities and choices awaiting you.

As you vibrate at the centre of this universe, you see around you the infinite possibilities of everything that you have always desired. Surrounding you energetically. If you could choose any possibility what would it be? What do you wish to bring into your experience?

There is an ocean of possibilities awaiting you. Once you begin to focus on one of these possibilities you automatically begin to be draw it closer into the centre of your universe. Closer and closer until it enters your physical reality.

The possibilities and potentials are endless. The Law of Attraction states that what you focus your attention and energy on, will be drawn into your experience. You are a powerful being who can manifest anything you wish. The possibilities are endless.

I find this exciting. You can create and be whoever you want to be. So what is stopping you from bringing these incredible experiences into your life?

Are you drawing happy and exciting possibilities into your experience, manifesting your dreams? Or are you bringing hardship, pain and suffering? What are you focusing your attention on? Do you focus on things you do want or things you don’t want? The universe doesn’t know the difference. Whatever you focus your attention on and give energy to, will be drawn to you.

You are a powerful creator and have the power to manifest your thoughts within minutes. I learnt this the hard way recently. I was chatting to a friend as I was walking down some stairs. Stating that I am clumsy and that most days I knock over things or into something. At the time I was carrying my lunch with the lid off. Within minutes we walked outside and I tripped over a few steps, my lunch flying everywhere all over the pavement. It would have been a great Seinfeld episode. I stopped and laughed and thought wow why did that happen to me. I was baffled.

Initially I didn’t get it. Then it hit me that I had been focusing on how clumsy I was only a few moments earlier, stating to the universe that I always drop or knock something over. Bang seconds later it manifested.

Upon realising this I laughed and laughed at how obvious it was. I realised what a powerful creator I am and that I created that within moments of stating it. The light switch went on and it was clear as day. Wow. What have I been doing all of these years? Focusing on the things I don’t want.

So what would happen if I stopped focusing on the things I don’t want, and focus on the things I do want? I realised how powerful I was, and just like you how I can manifest anything I focus my attention and energy on. All of the possibilities are awaiting me out in my personal universe. I realised the need to change the way I think, speak and what I focus my attention on. I need to set clear and strong intentions of what I do want so that I can bring that into my experience.

You are also a powerful creator. What are you focusing your attention on? Where are your thoughts? How do you talk? Are they aligned to what you do want? Or are they focused on what you don’t want, which is ultimately blocking your true hearts desire?

I recognised in that moment what I was doing to myself, day after day, year after year. I was constantly blocking my hearts desires over and over with negative thinking and focus.

You can create whatever you desire. Bringing into your personal universe infinite possibilities, drawing to you like a magnet. How exciting to know that you have this incredible power.

Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Observe your thoughts. What do you think about? Do you have negative self-talk? Do you put yourself down? Do you worry about others and focus your energy on what they have said or done?

Your thoughts have supersonic powers and manifest at the speed of light. Be careful what you think. Become the observer and change the way you think. Focus your thoughts on the things you do want and support your purpose.

When you find yourself thinking negatively, stop. Say to yourself out loud or within STOP. Switch your thinking. Cut it off and intentionally cancel it. Think of something that you love and brings you joy. Begin chanting a mantra such as Sat Nam connecting you back to your truth.

Start today and keep up. It takes practice and persistence to train your mind in this way. Place post it notes or cards around reminding you to focus on the positive. Be persistent and the change will come.

  1. Observe your words. How do you speak? Do you engage in gossip and talking negativity of others and yourself? You are what you think and speak. Focus on what you wish to create. Avoid gossip and negative talk of others. Catch yourself and stop in that moment. Stop giving your power away to others and what you cannot change. Focus on yourself and what you want.

Surround yourself with supporting relationships where the conversations are uplifting, positive and inspirational. Negative talk and gossiping drains your energy and keeps you stuck. You can change your energy and your focus.

  1. Start meditating. Meditation creates awareness. Awareness of yourself and who you really are. Meditation clears the energy field, re-programs the subconscious and elevates your energy to connect with your personal universe and true divine self. Meditation allows you to begin letting go of past hurts and negative programs, keeping you stuck. Meditation helps you to heal and let go of self-doubt, fear, anger and more. Meditation opens the space for healing and for you to enter a new state of being.

Many of the meditations that I will be posting over time dig deep into your energy field and subconscious to change you. Releasing what is holding you back from succeeding.

  1. Get clear – clear your energy field. Everything is energy. Remember you are a magnet and attract everything into your energy field. Everything that you experience in every moment of the day is a reflection of you and only you. Whatever comes into your experience is a direct reflection of what is going on in your energy field. This is a hard concept to accept as we like to blame others for our faults and failures. But that keeps us powerless and stuck in a space of not being able to move forward and succeed.

Knowing this we can acknowledge past hurts and say to ourselves I understand that happened to me, but I can change this. It gives you the power to change your energy and what you attract into your experience. I love that. So get clear. Clear your subconscious, meditate, exercise, eat well and practice energy cleansing techniques.

Go deeper and experience healing to release negative imprints and programs in your energy field from this life and previous lifetimes that are preventing you from creating what you want. Release self doubt, fear and recognise you deserve to be happy. You deserve to be successful and to have abundance. You deserve amazing health and energy. You deserve all the blessings and love you can imagine.

  1. Intentions – set powerful intentions on what you wish to bring into your life. Get clear on what you really want. State it to the universe. Write it down. Create a vision board. Get clear and be specific. Then let the universe handle it and bring it to you. When you get clear the universe delivers. If it feels good then focus on it If it doesn’t change your focus. Like attracts like.

Take time to sit and think about what your true heart desires. Visualise it and put it out into the universe. Pray to the angels of abundance and higher beings, God or Universe to bring it to you. Let it go and allow it to come to you naturally. Let go of fear and resistance and trust the universe is bringing it to you.

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