10 Steps to Energetically Cleanse Your Home & Space

March 23, 2016

Have you ever gone somewhere and walked into a room, and felt heavy? You have felt energised and great before entering, but after a while you developed a headache, felt irritated and tired.

You have stepped into an environment that is toxic and draining. You may even walk away feeling anxious, unwell, depressed and exhausted, having no idea why. This is evident at shopping centers, movie theatres and even people’s homes. Often there are negative entities and lost souls floating around, enjoying the space.

If you are sensitive like me, then you feel it. You even feel it before you go, a sense of uncertainty as your intuition is already trying to protect you.

Everything is energy, around you and within you. You are a powerful energetic being constantly vibrating at a certain frequency. You have the power to uplift and energise your home and create a peaceful space for you to live.

So how toxic is the energy in your house? Do you walk in and feel peaceful and calm? Do you feel agitated or perhaps give in to addictions, which you are trying to overcome? Do you argue? Think about what goes on in your home.

Cleaning the energetic space around you is just as important as washing your physical body. It is part of what we call energy hygiene. The more you clean up your energy field, the more in tune you will become to your environment and surroundings. Ask yourself how do I feel and how do I feel at home?

So what to do?

Firstly tune in and sense the environment when you walk in. Follow your feelings. Do you feel a heaviness come over you? Does the room seem dark even when the lights are on?

Next scan your house or room. Set an intention that you are scanning the energy of the room or home you are in. As you rub the pad of the thumb and index fingers together, say “Scanning the energy of this house or room.” You can even imagine placing your hand inside your house if you are not physically there. If the fingers become sticky and difficult to move you know that the energy of the space is very contaminated.

If your fingers run smoothly and easily over each other like silk, then the energy of the room is clean. This technique enables you to feel the energy of your room or home room.

So what next? How do you energetically cleanse your home?

Here are 10 ways to get you started

  1. It starts with you. How heavy is your energy? Do you do any form of energetic hygiene to cleanse your energy field? What is the energy like of those that live with you? Your environment is a direct reflection of your energy and family members. Perhaps even from the people that lived there before you. Look within to understand what needs to change.
  1. Invoke Archangels Michael and Raphael to remove negative energies from your home. A great way is to ask them to vacuum the toxic energies out of your home, like a vacuum cleaner, sucking them up and away. All you have to do is ask.
  1. Use incense, essential oils and sage. The use of fragrances are powerful in cleansing the energy of your home. Certain essential oils have been used for centuries by the Ancient Egyptians, Priests and magicians. Have you ever noticed the use of oils being burned in a Catholic Church especially during a funeral ceremony or mass? This is to keep the negative energies away. Some of the powerful oils to use for removal of negative energies and protection include sage, frankincense, myrrh, lavender and sandalwood.

Set a powerful intention before you use the oils or incense. Open all windows and doors to allow the negative stagnant energy to leave. Say a prayer to connect with the higher beings including the archangels to cleanse the space. Ask clearly for what you want with conviction and tell the oils or incense what you want them to do. For example: “Sandalwood your job is to disintegrate and dissolve all negative energies, negative thought forms, negative emotions and all negative energies within this house. Keep doing this until this house is completely cleaned. Thank you”. Be sure to use the fragrances or sage in the corners of the rooms, as this is where negative energy gets stuck.

  1. Open all doors and windows to the house. Allow the power of sunlight and fresh air to clear your home. Clean your house physically and remove all clutter and old items that you no longer use. Especially remove items that don’t make you feel good. Open the space. Less is best. Allow the energy to be open and flowing.
  1. Use mantra and sound. Mantras are sacred sounds and vibrations of the universe and can elevate, cleanse and shift the energy of a room powerfully. Play mantras such as Om or Gayatri Mantra. Play mantras constantly with a powerful intention of clearing the space and releasing negative energies. You can also use Tibetan bowls, bells and other sound tools to break up the energy.
  1. Spray the room with salt and water. Mix a few tablespoons of salt with a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray around the home, add lavender oil if you like. Salt breaks down the dirty and negative energy.
  1. Visualise your home and project violet purple energy into your home with the powerful intention of removing all negative energies. Place your hands out in front of you, palms facing away. Project violet purple light energy from your hands and use the power of your mind to project the energy. Visualise the negative energy dissolving and the room becoming clearer and brighter. Follow your intuition as to when to stop. Scan the room with your fingers to check.
  1. Crystals can clear energy and give protection. Be sure to cleanse them regularly as they will absorb the negative energy and become toxic. They need to be cleansed and programed before hand with a very clear intention of their role. Then cleanse them regularly. Stones you can use include black onyx, black tourmaline, hematite, lapis lazuli and obsidian. You may feel another stone will work well for you. Follow your intuition.
  1. Place plants around your home to uplift and cleanse the space. Plants have the power to heal and release toxic energies. Cactus plants are particularly powerful in clearing negative energies. Use a cactus plant instructing it to absorb all of the negative energy within the room or home. Give the cactus clear instructions of what you want it to do. Repeat this often. Take the cactus outside every week to allow it to release the negative energies it has absorbed. Give it a few days and then bring it back into the home.
  1. Loud clapping with intent can disintegrate dirty energy in a room. Go into a room and create a clear intention of clearing the energy. Clap around 10 to 30 times whilst walking around the room.

Get clear today. Start to become aware of your space and change how it feels. You have the power to change how you feel and create a peaceful and calm environment for yourself.

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